Traxsource Top 100 Oliversam Position 40 Deep House

Top100 Traxsource

Oliversam, reaches ranked No. 40 in the top100 of  Traxsource.

His new Paradise EP [What Happens] Takes him one step closer to the stars. He brings us three quality tracks showing his versatile style with a fine mix of beats and melodies destined for the floors.

3 tracks, that have received support from artists such as:
Nick Warren, Tim Andresen, Giom, Camiel Daamen, Mark Mac, Peter Gelderblom, Stanny Abram, Angelo Draetta, Dilby, Alvaro Hylander, Da Lukas, Paco Osuna, Sezer Uysal, Al Bradley…

Oliversam is one of the new breed of Spanish producers making waves within the house music community at the moment. He is the label owner of Kimbo Records and Kimbouse Records but also had his music released on great labels such as Waldliebe Familien, Inexplicable, Alma Soul Music and Shibiza Recordings.