Tech1ne was born and raized in Athens Greece.Being an active member of techno underground community based there from the early age of 14 and for all the next years that came attended at events of many great names of the kind like Carl Cox,Marco Carolla,Adam Beyer,Umek,Dave Clarke,Richie Hawtin and many more,the result was to be raised with the beat and rythm of the techno and tech house music.At the age of 18 started playing music as a hobby at his house learning how to mix not only techno,house or tech house but every kind of music so he could understand what is best to do in every mixing situation.With his first time on decks people loved him and that was one of his best life time moments so he started playing immediately at small bars around athens and greek islands as a closing dj in the morning hours.His love for dj ing was even bigger now and he started buying new equipment following the trends of his favorite dj’s to test and learn how to mix better and learn how to produce his own tracks.
At that time he started producing minimal techno and house as these was easy for him to start building his ideas. He used the name Frantic M. as a dj and started playing in many clubs and bars in Athens figuring out what sound was ideal to represent him..
After several years of playing and producing music Tech1ne had different collaborations with magazines like FREEZE and radio stations like BEST and FREE FM and the result was to play in some of the best clubs in Athens such as Fuzz,Luv club,Ammos beach club,Joy art bar,Soul,Loop,Vanilla,Swing,Roxys Club,Second skin,Kallua,Almondo Bar and many more around greece giving him the oppurtunity to know what people wanted.​
Focusing in Tech house music was his main thought as he was already mixing house and techno and minimal and was making the crowd crazy.Through all these this years experimenting with all that he made a still progress in his production and mixing technics.
So Tech1ne was created at the early of 2011 making him unique in Greek dance scene delivering a new sound absolute for summer parties in Greece offering a chance to the people to learn a new sound and love this kind of music and producers that deliver these sounds.
Tech1ne’s true goal is to be one of the best artists worldwide,to perform and share his music thoughts with people as he does, but in the biggest degree that he can achieve.

For remix requests or booking dates contact Tech1ne on: