Since he was born in 1984, D. J. G.sus has always been linked to music. His musical education began as early as 9 years old at the Music Conservatory of Seville for classes in music theory, voice, and violin. After seven years of study, he abandons his journey to try his hand with some other instruments. None of them would fit him until he happend to meet some of his fellow D.Js. And this how he started to get used to the new electronic devices he is now delighted with.
In 2006, a stay in Ibiza Island convinces him to create his own production agency for booking of DJs. and artists to perform in shows, and thereafter combines his own business activity and his productions and performances as a Dj.; all that is produced under the seal of his own organization, “BA + Productions”. Since then, “Ibiza Love Festival”, “Love Sundays” or “Premiere Ibiza” among other parties, become exemplary, thanks to him, in the clubs of his city.
The sound of his sessions and performances never forget the underground electronic sounds, and the danceable basses, although G.sus loves it all mixed with “trance music” and avant-garde tunes. In fact, it is not easy framing G.Sus style, and in his developments, you can find shuch things as minimalist rhythms, electronic house, minimal house or the deepest deep.
In 2007 he creates the radio program “Culture Club Fm​​” presented together with David Dro. Every Saturday, a program where live sessions are held and there are also comments on the current landscape of electronic music. The success of this radio programme was an open invitation to held “Culture Club 08 fm live on tour”, a tour which moved this radio programme right into some clubs in Andalusia.
In 2009 he embarks on the project “Flamencolectronic” with the flamenco singer Dolores Berg, the dancer Yasaray a co-production of “Dosthedos” and “BA + Productions”. It is an edgy fusion of live flamenco and electronic music. In the summer of this year, the tour “Flamencolectronic Ibiza Sessions” allows the show to move to different clubs in Ibiza as Martina Discotheque or Bazaar Club among others
In March 2010 he lands in the United States representing FLAMENCOLECTRONIC with different events at Miami Winter Music Conference sharing the stage with artists like Carl Cox, Marco Carola, Paco Osuna, Cristopher Lawrence, Judge Jules or others.
In 2012, thanks to the quality of his work, Canal + and Sportmania purchase legal rights for several of his productions to make them their signature tunes in their platforms. His references have attracted the attention of countless artists to receive feedbacks from some of them as important as Maceo Plex, Troy Pierce, Dubfire, Marco Carola, Luciano, Rosario Internullo, Gel Abril, Cuartero, Federico Locchi or Richie Hawtin among others.
Currently his works are played on dance floors around the world, with a large number of productiones published by labels such as Prison Entertainment, Natura Viva, Gimmick Records, Senssual Records, Soulman Music, Rare Music, Delicious Recordings, Tecnove Records, not to mention Les Enfants, seal he owns together with David Dro. Other internationally renowned artists such as André Butano, Demian Muller, Elio Riso or Andy Spinelli have also been remixed by him.