Christian Patti

christian patti

Christian Patti was born in 1978 in Trieste, the last north-eastern italian town before the border. From his boyhood he has been fascinated by Dj’s system, specially by techno music world. So he began his personal travel around music. Firstly, Christian standed out in some local events and parties, beginning as an undergrond style dj. Soon he became a new excellent techno music performer. Web he was 22, Trieste became too small for his research. For 2 years (from 2001 to 2003), in addition to a seasonal working experience in Germany, he played in many contests and parties hosted in the main clubs of Koln and Westfalia. Where he acquired influences from many important German Djs. For personal reasons, later he came back in Trieste definitely, improved of new experiences and knowledge. He wanted to make a new techno beat with his friends. Sowhat he made it real, playing as resident dj in Hip Hop Club for 3 years. He played with both local and international djs, delighting his supporters with amazing performances, as with: , Marko Nastic, Valentino Kanzyani, Rino Cerrone, Lucca,Marcantonio,Luke Slater e many others. Through these events, Christian created important contacts with producers and djs and thanks to this network he played in a lot of events in Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia. In the same time he began his producer career for some new labels, working also with Graziano Ruan and obtaining immediate success with the track Aftermath,played also by Paul Oakenfold and included by Straight Up label in the official Miami Music Conference 2012 compilation.From here on Chris continuing to produce his musical projects with experimental sounds, new ideas and new success. These musical projects giving him the opportunity to express his talent and his passion. His live performances always give to people a great energy and real emotions. Favourite artists and main influences:…Nakadia,Olivier Giacomotto,Thomas Gandey,Affkt,Darlyn Vynls,Marco Carola,Jay Lumen,Reelow…